Your partner in establishing professional relationships

Global Assist has built and maintained an expansive network of business introducers and professional intermediaries. We know that you strive hard to deliver the best possible business results, and hence we proactively aim at helping you in the process of exploring the best opportunities and enjoying dependable solutions.

The professional intermediaries we work with include corporate and trustee services providers, financial institutions, fund managers, tax consultants, banks, lawyers, accountants, and professionals belonging to similar domains. Our long-standing connections allows us to seamlessly accommodate  simple business introducer arrangements, in which a business is introduced to us and we directly deal with the end user clients, as well as make professional intermediary arrangements in which  the intermediary is our client of record.

  • Communications: We at Global Assist understand that the preferences and requirements of all our clients are not the same. Hence, we specifically implement communication policies that are tailored as per the need of each of our clients. This subsequently allows us to support accurate and valuable solutions, while mitigating risks.
  • Billing: Much like our communication solutions, we also customize our billing policy for every professional intermediary client as per their preference. We can specify a relevant billing contact that can either be the end user client or the professional intermediary for every entity established with us.
  • Record collection/retention: Regulated intermediaries can collect and retain originals of all of the “Know Your Client” (KYC) and “Due Diligence” (DD) documents from us. Our documentation process is easy to complete and is meant to provide advisers with the vital information about your current standing, allowing the next and equally important stage to take place. We also welcome unregulated business introducers, and collect the original KYC and DD documentation for each end user client of entities being established with us.

We at Global Assist focus on providing transparent services at all times to our discerning clients.