Start your venture in the land of opportunities in just a few steps 



Having their own business in the USA is a dream for many, and we at Global Assist aim at assisting you to get a step closer to achieving it.  Every year a great number of foreign nationals opt to set up their business in the USA to explore the incredible opportunities provided by this country.  It has the largest and best integrated marketplace on the planet, and boasts of advantageous corporate tax rates. 

Any non-resident setting up their company in the US based shall find it easier to:

  • Avail low corporate income tax rates
  • Assess the capital markets in the US for public markets, angel investors and venture capital
  • Enhance the brand reputation in US and several overseas market
  • Enjoy business friendly regulations and laws
  • Fast incorporation of the company in USA

We at Global Assist can help you to smoothly set up your business in the USA. If you are planning to register your business there, we can help you with the needed company incorporation, tax advisory, registration, business consultation services and much more.  Our specially designed business techniques and strategies, along with global reach and regional know how can go a long way in enabling you to set up your business in the USA without a hassle, and make the best use of the opportunities offered by the country.

Starting a business in a foreign land can be equally overwhelming and exciting. We can handle all the complexities involved in it and expertly guide you through the process, so that you can optimally enjoy the experience of realizing your dream of setting up a business in the United States. Our comprehensive range of incorporation, licensing and tax services are designed to make the company formation process as easy as possible for discerning entrepreneurs and investors. 

Global Assist is staffed with experienced professionals who can provide you with expert advice on company formation in the USA, and help you out in navigating the regulations and laws involved in the process. We understand that each business is unique, and has certain specialist requirements based on its industry, sized and nature of operations. Hence, we provide customized business solutions to each of our clients, on the basis of their distinctive requirements. Our job is to help you to go through the right processes so that you can legally set up your business in the USA, and ensures that it runs in a smooth manner right from day one.

Self company:

There are a variety of tax havens present across the globe that magnetizes investors with lucrative prospects. As a superpower, the United States has also expanded its business perspective and allows corporate investors to engage in advantageous offshore investment activities.

Entrepreneurs get the chance to either start a new business or buy an existing one (called a shelf company), when it comes to the formation of an offshore business entity. Purchasing a self company would especially be ideal for you if you are trying to explore options for immediate business operations.  Getting started with a self company may seem to be a bit challenging, especially if you are not well-verse with the rules and regulations involved.  We at Global Assist can effectively guide you through the process, and provide tailored solutions for setting up a business across diverse grounds.

Merchant account

Cash flow tends to be among the primary issues faced by several businesses. Too many late payments from customers can cause a lot of financial stress for your newly established company. In such a scenario, providing the customers with the ability to pay with credit cards can prove to be an advantageous method of keeping the flow of funds consistent.  While accepting credit and debit cards are an obvious requirement for any business selling online, companies operating through a more traditional approach should also consider this system.  The very first step to accepting credit cards would be to open a merchant account.  Global Assist can help you to create your merchant account online with ease and take care of all the procedures involved in it, enabling you to enjoy a better cash flow for your business.